Tipping as a norm in Canada

As you migrate to canada from dubai and prepare to embrace your welcome to Canada, there are some things that you ought to know that will be done differently as compared to the way they are done in Dubai. You need to set on the right path to integrating into Canadian life. When you have less confusion and expectations that are realistic as you move to Canada, it will increase your success chances.

You might be coming from a country where workers that are in the hospitality and service sector earn good money with extra benefits and thus, not used to tipping. If that is the case, then Canada is different, and you will need to become accustomed to the way of tipping.
Servers and bartenders earn a minimal wage, which depending on which province you settle in, might be around $10 per hour. There are provinces with an even lower minimum wage of up to $8 when dealing with service workers with the belief that they will get tips to compensate them. Staff usually have tip out with the other staff who work like in the kitchen, with a portion of what they sell.
Though it might seem strange, and you might end up disagreeing with them, but when you don’t tip, it means that the server will have to pay the kitchen staff out of their pocket for them to serve you. So if the service is good, ensure to tip them as it is a norm.
What is considered to be standard tip is about 15% of the total bill, or if the service is highly knowledgeable, then you might end up paying at least 20% or for every drink, a dollar. Meaning for around, you might cough out some several dollars.

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