How to Bend Metal: The Greatest Guide

How to Bend Metal: The Greatest Guide

If you’re searching for a strategy to flex metal without a great deal of push, you should look at employing a heat gun. The following information will highlight the best way to safely and securely and effectively utilize a hot glue gun to flex metallic. We’ll also go over the key benefits of by using this approach so that you can decide if it’s right for any project. Let’s get started!

Good Reasons To Work with a Heat Gun

Using a heat gun has several positive aspects over other methods of twisting metal. For just one, it needs less pressure. This means you’re not as likely to harm the steel or on your own. Additionally, warmth guns may be used to temperature far more significant areas of metallic more evenly than other techniques, such as a torch. This will be significant because it aids in preventing warping and unevenness in the last item.

Using a Heat Gun Safely

Given that we’ve reviewed the advantages of utilizing a heat gun, let’s overview utilizing 1 safely. Initial, you’ll will need to select the appropriate heat gun for your undertaking. There are 2 major varieties of heat guns: people that have adaptable temperatures settings and people with fixed temperature configurations. Then, you’ll want to find the sort that matches your needs.

Once you have your heat gun, get to know the controls. Ensure you understand how to change the heat and air flow before you begin. Then, locate a well-ventilated area and set up a operate work surface that may hold up against higher temps.

Some great benefits of Bending Metal by using a Heat Gun

As we’ve seen, there are lots of advantages to utilizing a heat gun for twisting steel. But, probably the most important gain is that it allows you to shape metal without damaging it. Heating pistols disperse temperature much more evenly than other strategies, like torches. Temperature firearms also demand a lot less push, so you’re unlikely to problems the aluminum or your self.


As you now understand how to securely and effectively utilize a heat gun, it is possible to determine if this process matches any project. For instance, if you need to flex steel with no damage to it, a heat gun is ways to go!

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